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Customs Procedures for Import and Export Goods

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|+84 938 696 121| Transport is the activity of moving an object such as cargo or passengers.

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Customs procedures for import and export goods are an important step in completing import and export procedures. It requires understanding of goods, related paperwork, application of HS code, import tax and VAT, permits, specialized inspection, quick handling of issues. related students, professionally complete all procedures in order to release the goods in the shortest time.
Completing customs procedures and delivering goods quickly and accurately requires close coordination of all relevant teams including:
+ Certificates
+ Delivery
+ Coordination department.
Understanding the importance of this, we have organized a customs declaration department consisting of more than 10 people, capable of completing 1500 declarations per month covering many types, mainly focusing on Business, Products export, processing, port transfer, transshipment...
Please put your trust in us, We are confident to complete them better, faster than expected.
+ Specializing in customs procedures for business goods
+ Carrying out customs procedures for non-commercial and commercial goods
+ Carrying out customs procedures for exported manufactured goods
+ Customs clearance for processed goods
+ Declare customs procedures for import and export goods on the spot
+ Specializing in customs procedures for goods transferred from port to port and border gate
+ Specialized in customs procedures for used goods
Specializes in receiving permits to import medical equipment, chemicals, cosmetics, chemicals, printing equipment, etc.
Apply for a certificate of conformity, publish
Provide certificate of origin for all samples A, B, D, E, AK, AJ.....
Specializing in applying for a list of tax-free goods, a list of investment machinery, factory construction, used machinery...
Professional, experienced in Documenting, forwarding and coordination department.
Free consultation, quick response to issues related to import and export documents, tax, inspection, quarantine, certification of origin.
Having a good relationship with customs authorities at ports, airports, state agencies.
Capable of supplying and completing a large number of shipments for factories and factories in industrial parks, export processing zones, manufacturing and trading companies.
Please contact Ha Thien Logistics via:
Hotline: +84 938.696.121 (Zalo, whatapp, SMS) / 36.766.4142 (Viber).
Email: Vanchuyenquocte.hathien@gmail.com