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RegulationsThe sending of postal items as goods should be carried out as follows:

Step 1. Prepare to send.

1. Prepare goods to be sent (in terms of quantity, weight, type, etc.)

2. Check with Ha Thien Logistics on whether the list of goods to be sent is on the list of prohibited goods sent by the state or by Vietnamese airlines?

3. Prepare all kinds of documents, invoices and vouchers accompanying the goods to be sent. For some special goods or large quantities, this requirement is mandatory.

4. Prepare full sender and receiver information.

5. Contact Ha Thien Logistics to notify about the collection of parcels. Customers need to provide Ha Thien with information about the goods to be transferred, including types (common goods, high-value goods or special goods ...), quantity (number of packages, weight...), destination, mode of delivery (courier, regular or express delivery ...) ... so that Ha Thien Logisticscan advise customers in detail about services, packaging or shipping requirements…And soon Arrange vehicles to transport goods quickly and efficiently.

Step 2. Pack.

Packing is necessary and important during transportation. It helps to minimize the mechanical damage that occurs during transportation. For some types of goods such as machinery, high-value electronic components, fragile goods, special goods or dangerous goods, etc., packing requirements are mandatory. Each type of goods will have its own specifications and packaging requirements. Customers can do the packing themselves if they meet the packaging standards or ask Ha Thien Logistics to perform this task.

1. Check and notify Ha Thien Logistics about the packing status of the goods sent. The company will advise you whether packaging is required or not.

2. If you pack your own, you can refer to the packaging instructions on this website to ensure your packaging meets the standards from the carrier.

3. If the customer requests Ha Thien Logistics to provide packaging services, the customer needs to estimate the packing time so as not to affect the delivery time of the postal goods.

4. Commodities required to be packed: (wood, foam, plywood ..)

- Electronic components, high value goods.

- Devices.

- Laptop, mobile phone.

- Food products, frozen.

- Fragile goods, goods with special shapes or with physical properties that may affect other goods.

Step 3. Send a package.

1. Fill in all sender and recipient information on the bill of lading.

2. Declare information about the type of selection service, type and quantity of goods to be transported, packaging requirements, invoices and documents attached to the consignment...

3. Check the information on the bill of lading and hand over the goods to the forwarder of Ha Thien Express.

4. Sign the confirmation on the sender and keep the pink year as a basis for verification or complaint when necessary.

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