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Where to ship goods to Cambodia cheap

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|+84 938 696 121| Shipping goods to Cambodia - Vietnam and vice versa cheap price Prestige - Quality - Savings.

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Ha Thien Logistics specializes in transporting goods from Vietnam to 24 provinces in Cambodia.

* Specializes in transporting heavy goods: prefabricated prefab frames, oversized and overloaded machinery

* Vehicles are trucks, container trucks connecting the two countries, running straight without having to change cars at the border gate.

* Go through the official one-way Vietnamese and Cambodian unofficial, Vietnamese and Cambodian official channels, Vietnam and Cambodia quotas.

* There is a professional team to carry out import and export procedures, customs clearance at both ends of the border gates on the Vietnamese side and the Cambodian side.

* Fast - accurate shipping time - Save time and money.

In addition, we always have intermodal trips from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia to meet the needs of retail, a small number of reputable and cheap shipping services to Cambodia of hathienlogistics.com commitment to all Customers using the shipping service to Cambodia:

- Preferential and stable shipping charges all year round.

- Prestigious, guaranteed, professional delivery time.

- The most perfect shipping service.

- Customer care is always attentive and enthusiastic.

Ha Thien Company is proud to be one of the few units licensed for international transport, transporting goods directly from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa, running directly from Vietnam to Cambodia without having to change cars at the border gates. . Where to ship goods to Cambodia cheap? Please remember Ha Thien Logistics - Save big time and money for customers.

For more information, please contact our company.


Address: 66/3 Street 14, Binh Trung Tay Ward, City. Thu Duc, HCMC

Hotline: +84 938 696 121 - 36 766 4142

Mail: vanchuyenquocte.hathien@gmail.com