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Ha Thien International Shipping Service Co., Ltd would like to send our sincere thanks to your company and customers for choosing to use our company's shipping service to Laos for many years.
Ha Thien Shipping Company specializes in transporting goods to Laos, to Laos by air and by road at the most competitive prices today.

Our service specializes in Shipping goods to Laos, Sending goods to Laos, Courier to Laos, Sending goods to Laos, Sending goods to Laos and other countries around the world with the following types of transportation:

Courier for personal goods, Parcels, Parcels, Goods, Gifts, Samples, Personal Luggage to Laos: From Vietnam - Vientiane and vice versa.

Transporting goods to Laos by road, Transporting construction machinery to Laos by road, Transporting garments to Laos by road, Transporting office furniture to Laos by road.

Transporting goods to Laos, Transporting retail and full containers to Laos (LCL, FCL) by road and by air to Laos according to each type of goods. With our shipping service to Laos, customers can see the specific schedule of their shipment, who is the recipient, at what time, what day, that detail is updated on the website. Our website: http://hathienlogistics.com/

More than many years of operating experience in Vietnam and abroad. So far we have a lot of loyal customers and trust our company's service and service. Always recommend to many domestic and international acquaintances and friends to use our services.
We are always grateful and grateful to our loyal customers and reviews that make our service better every day.

For more information, please contact our company.


Address: 66/3 Street 14, Binh Trung Tay Ward, City. Thu Duc, HCMC

Hotline: +84 938 696 121 - 36 766 4142

Mail: vanchuyenquocte.hathien@gmail.com