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Ship goods from Singapore to Vietnam

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|Hotline: 0938 696 121| Ship goods from Singapore to Vietnam cheap - prestige - quality - savings.

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Singapore, whose full name is the Republic of Singapore, is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, located in the south of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the Malaysian state of Johor to the north and opposite the Indonesian island of Riau to the south. A tropical country, Singapore is located north of the equator, just 137 km away. Before 1950, the Vietnamese also knew Singapore under the names Chieu Nam, Tan Chau and Ha Chau.
Ship goods from Singapore to Vietnam

Because there are Vietnamese people in Singapore, it is very simple to send gifts, business, samples, letters from France to Vietnam.
As a shipping service provider, Ha Thien Logistics is proud to be a unit specializing in transporting goods such as: Documents, documents, gifts, cosmetics, food, iron, plastic, furniture, pants clothing, machinery and equipment...etc

Shipping from Singapore to Vietnam
Receive freight from 0.1 kg or more to Singapore. There are many services and rates for customers to choose freely.
– Delivery service by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT
* In particular, Ha Thien Express also has additional transportation services:
- Carry-on service.
– LCL, FCL cargo service by sea.
Sending goods from Singapore to Vietnam is also the same time from Vietnam to Singapore, with only 1-2 working days and delivery to customers.

Shipping service from Singapore to Vietnam with the following calculation method:
Just like how to calculate goods from Vietnam to Singapore, shipping from Singapore to Vietnam is calculated according to the regulations of the carrier.
– For heavy and neat goods, the number of kilograms can be calculated.
– For bulky goods, it is calculated according to the size: length x width x height divided by 5000.
After packing is finished, calculated by two ways of measuring, it will give the number of kilograms by weight and the number of kilograms by mass. Compare to get the largest number of kilograms to calculate the shipping price.
In addition, when goods return to Vietnam, there will be tax (if any) incurred.
Taxes will be based on imported goods and the value of goods.

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