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SEA-AIR COMBINED TRANSPORT is very valuable alternative freight service which is about 30%-40% cost saving compared with the costly airfreight but still match arrival target at destinations.
SEA-AIR COMBINED TRANSPORT is using today for export-shipments from ASIA via our DUBAI HUB (UAE) to EUROPE and via our SINGAPORE HUB to USA/North Ameria.
All general cargoes/Non-DG are suitable for SEA-AIR COMBINED TRANSPORT.

  • Total transit time HCM-EUROPE: 14 days, HCM-North America: 16 days, HCM-Africa 17 days.
  • Total transit time HPH-EUROPE : 18 days, HPH-North America: 20 days, HPH-Africa 21 days.

With experienced and well-trained operation skills, our SEA-AIR Team of Ha Thien Logistics is confident to provide all customers with the most reliable and real SEA-AIR Transport service.


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